1. Don't Do Nothing

  2. HEIGHT KEECH 1000: The Tightest Songs 2000 - 2018
    Height Keech

  3. Bubble Boy

  4. 808's & Milkshakes
    Desperate Band Appreciation Society

  5. Psychic Arpeggiator
    Param Anand Singh

  6. What Was The World
    Kate Ferencz

  7. Cypher At The Gates Of Dawn
    Speak N' Eye

  8. Stories Of A Made Up Year
    Darko The Super

  9. Computer Rocker
    Height Keech

  10. There Isn't Very Much Time: 14 Ice-Cold Devastators From Cold Rhymes Records

  11. It's Not Okay
    Off The Meat Rack

  12. MUSTARD (A Continuation)

  13. POWER MISSIONS: Selected Guest Spots
    Height Keech

  14. Timewave Zero
    ialive / Height Keech

  15. We Can't Go Back Now: The Cold Rhymes Collection
    Jack Toft

  16. Dan's House
    Shark Tank

  17. Mind Moves The Mountain
    Height Keech

  18. Strange Looks
    Height Keech

  19. 85 LBS (single)
    Eze Jackson x PT Burnem x Mister x Mrs. Paintbrush x Height Keech x 83 Cutlass

  20. Unending Blaze
    Height Keech

  21. Don't Fuck With Us
    Shark Tank

    Height / Passalacqua / Eze Jackson / PT Burnem / B-Rich

  23. Talk Singer
    Height Keech

  24. Versus The Continental MC's
    Height Keech

  25. 10,000 Devastating Watts
    Height Keech

  26. Versus Electric Rockers
    Height Keech

  27. Versus Dynamic Sounds
    Height Keech

  28. Rock and Roll
    Height Keech

  29. Fun Youngs
    Shark Tank

  30. Shark Tank
    Shark Tank

  31. Bed Of Seeds
    Height Keech

  32. Druid Hill Lake EP
    Height Keech

  33. Swiss Chard
    Height Keech

  34. Baltimore Highlands Remix Album
    Height Keech

  35. Utility Fog Four
    Height Keech

  36. Baltimore Highlands
    Height With Friends

  37. Utility Fog Three

  38. Utility Fog Two
    Height Keech

  39. Winterize The Game
    Height Keech

  40. Utility Fog

  41. I Have A Gun
    Height Keech

  42. Height
    Height Keech

  43. Wounds


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